Howard Newman
There are several levels of editing:

This is basically light editing. I’ll correct all spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. Spell-check picks up most spelling
errors, but not all, and you don’t want a major typo ruining an otherwise effective marketing piece.

Standard editing
In addition to proofreading, I’ll improve the clarity, consistency and flow while checking for ambiguities and redundant text.
Making long sentences shorter and breaking up long paragraphs can often make a big difference in the “readability” of a piece.
Minor rewriting might also be necessary to clearly convey your messages. I can also reformat charts and tables to maximize
their impact.

Developmental (substantive) editing
This is a more comprehensive process that is frequently used with rough drafts and pieces that require major rewriting. If you
can get the facts down, I can transform it into a superlative communications piece. I’ll also look out for sensitivities and “hot
spots” that may be technically correct but could offend portions of your audience.

What types of pieces require editing?
You might not think that small pieces need editing but that’s not really the case. In fact, the smaller number of words you use,
the more strategic you need to be. A professional editor improves any type of writing, whether it’s marketing collateral, website
content, a letter, report, newsletter, blog or press release.

If it’s in English, I can make it better.
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Many people, although experts in their field, have difficulty finding right words
to convey their expertise. Others find writing to be a tedious, drawn-out
process and feel that their time could be better spent elsewhere.  

That’s where a professional editor comes in.

Whatever you’re writing, having an "extra set of eyes" is invaluable in fine-
tuning your communications pieces. I provide high-quality editing – and
rewriting if necessary – with a quick turnaround.

I’ll work with you to ensure that your materials say exactly what you want
them to say, and in your voice.
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Don’t live in the greater Boston area? No problem. I am a freelance writer, editor and public relations pro who works with clients from all over the country. If you have a
phone and e-mail, I can help you with websites, press releases, brochures, newsletters and more.