Howard Newman
Freelance writer, editor, public relations specialist
First of all, you’ll be receiving top-notch professional services from someone who
specializes in writing and editing. You and your staff may be experts in your field, but
communications is a skill unto itself.

Spend time on other projects
Outsourcing frees up the time and energy you and your staff could be spending on
your core business. This makes it a cost-saving strategy.

You can run your company more effectively if you don’t have to worry about perfecting
every single communications piece.
Outsourcing ...
  • saves time, effort and money
  • provides top-notch services
  • is an excellent source for feedback
  • provides a quick turnaround
Get a new perspective
In addition, it’s often helpful for an “outsider” to write or review your materials.
You’ll be getting a fresh look from an unbiased source and receiving feedback on
how your audience perceives your company – based on your communications

As we work together, I’ll make it a priority to become familiar with your services
and products while learning the nuances of your business.  In this way, I’ll be able
to convey your important messages in the voice that works best for you.
Why outsource your writing and editing projects?
HN Communications               Melrose, Mass.               781-662-2616          
Quick and easy
I am reliable and provide excellent work with a quick turnaround. I firmly believe that any services I provide are a reflection of
your business – and me. So I’m always going to give you my best effort. And you’re always welcome to contact me to discuss
your projects.

Outsourcing makes a lot of sense for many types of businesses. Get in touch with me and we can discuss how I can help you
get the word out about your company.
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Don’t live in the greater Boston area? No problem. I am a freelance writer, editor and public relations pro who works with clients from all over the country. If you have a
phone and e-mail, I can help you with websites, press releases, brochures, newsletters and more.
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