Howard Newman
Freelance writer, editor, public relations specialist
press releases / press kits
No matter what you’re offering, potential customers are more willing to deal with
you if they know you. Exposure in the press can greatly enhance your profile,
letting people know who you are and what you do. It’s the best kind of

If you’re looking for media exposure, targeted and clearly-written press releases
are a must. News releases need to be appropriate for the selected publications
and speak to the target audience in their language.
Keep the editor happy
I’ve been on both sides of the news desk. As a publicist, I’ve submitted press releases for publication and, as a news editor, I’ve
sorted through them. So I know what editors are looking for and how to make their lives easy. Happy news editors are more
likely to run your story and maintain an ongoing relationship that can result in future press coverage.

What else is needed for a successful press release? Photos, charts, graphics – anything that can enhance the value of the story
and save the editor time.

Press kits
You may also want to put together a press kit, which features the news release and also includes related information. Writers
and editors pursuing a more comprehensive piece use elements of the press kit use for background information. A well-constructed
press kit can be an invaluable tool that saves time and ensures accuracy.

Target your audience
When your materials are complete, you’ll need someone who knows how to target appropriate media outlets and distribute your
press releases (or kits). It’s also critical to “pitch” the story to editors and then follow up.

As an experienced public relations specialist, I know how to put together an effective press package. As a former journalist and
editor, I know how to play the media game and get your news published.
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