Howard Newman
Freelance writer, editor, public relations specialist
Howard has excellent writing and editing skills as well as a strong background
in public relations and media relations. His proficiency in desktop publishing and
photography were a big plus in producing our
newsletter, brochures and other
marketing collateral.

Among his accomplishments were an overhaul of the
website content, the
production of excellent newsletters and vastly improving an
annual report that
was assigned to him midstream. His work with the annual report included
rewriting virtually all of the text, reworking the design, creating a new cover
concept and adding new content that emphasized Vinfen's mission and

Howard also secured many
media placements for us (including a full-page
spread in the Patriot Ledger) and volunteered his time to attend organization
events. He worked hard and made significant contributions to Vinfen's
communications efforts.
Bruce Bird, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Vinfen Corporation
Cambridge, Mass.
Katherine Johnson
Johnson Consulting Group
Frederick, Md.
Phil Montero
CEO, Montero Consulting
Port Saint Lucie, Fla.
Denise Rouleau
Rouleau Consulting
Gloucester, Mass.
Tony Torra
Tomar Contracting
Reading, Mass.
Cathy Scarlatos
A Plus Tutoring Services
Melrose, Mass.
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Howard is an outstanding editor and writer. He provided highly detailed and
technical edits for my
doctoral dissertation on an extremely tight timeline. His
edits were timely, thoughtful, and enhanced the quality and substance of the
final product.

I look forward to working with him again on upcoming reports and recommend
him highly for any type of
copyediting or proofreading.
As a consultant, I worked with Howard on the CEE website for several years.
His writing and knowledge of how to use the Web are big assets. He has a
really good sense of how to organize a site in a way that enables viewers to
get information quickly and easily.

Howard also makes sure the content is accurate and timely. His easy-going
nature made for an excellent working relationship.
As a consultant, I've utilized Howard’s writing and editing skills to rework my
reports, proposals, letters and Web content. Howard is flexible and is able to
provide anything from a  quick "second set of eyes" on a piece to a more
He does a very thorough job and the finished product always looks great.
Howard is able to maintain the essence of what’s written but rework it in a way
that makes it shine. He’s extremely professional and turns things around
quickly. I’d definitely recommend him.
Howard took care of a number of projects for me and I was very pleased with
the results. He wrote all of my
web text, including a nice bio, and worked
closely with my Web designer to develop the site. When the site was up and
running, I asked Howard to help me with

He arranged to have the
two largest New Hampshire newspapers
(Manchester and Nashua) do big features on me and my business (including
several photos). He also contacted a leading trade journal and got them to
publish a full-page story with color photos.

In addition, Howard designed the
provenance cards that are inserted into my
Shaker boxes. It saved a lot of time to have one person take care of all of these
projects. He does excellent work.
Keith Griffith
All Things Shaker
Manchester, N.H.
I was very pleased with the job Howard did in building my website. It looks
great, the content was convincing and the price was right. It was very
cost-effective to have one person write the text and design the site.

Howard also helped with
publicity, getting stories and photos in the local
papers that promoted my programs. When I needed a
brochure, he wrote the
text and designed a very nice-looking pamphlet for me. I also had him design
postcards, registration forms and other materials. I definitely recommend him
for any of the above projects.
Howard did a great job putting together my website. The language is well-
written and explains all my services in a way customers can understand. He
made good use of
photos and even took one himself.

The site is well organized, full of color and is of great help when promoting my
business. I highly recommend Howard for any type of website work. He’s easy
to work with and gets the job done quickly.  
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