Howard Newman
Freelance writer, editor, public relations specialist
writing coach
As an experienced writer/editor who has coached students and adults, I can help you improve your writing skills in just a few

Whether you’re writing a short essay, a lengthy dissertation, a newspaper story or a corporate communications piece, the
basics are essentially the same. You need to organize your ideas before you can put them into words.
  • What is the focus?
  • What is the length and format?
  • What am I trying to accomplish?
  • What concepts need to be emphasized?
  • Who is my audience?
  • How much detail is necessary?
You need a game plan
The most important aspect of any type of writing is getting the right structure,
outlining the subject and sticking to the outline.

You have to narrow down the objective of the piece, settle on a few major points of
emphasis and then back up your original premise.

Once you get started in the right direction, everything flows naturally. But before
you start it's important to determine:
You can learn to become a better writer
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Grammar, spelling and flow
In addition to good structure, effective writing requires proper grammar and spelling. It also must be easy to read and user-
friendly. In other words, the text needs to “flow” smoothly and engage the reader.

I've written corporate pieces, Web content, newspaper stories, blogs, columns, bios, resumes and just about everything
else. I've edited doctoral dissertations and reports. I know how to make these pieces “work” and I can teach you to do the
same. I can also show you how to use the Web to check grammar and find the “right words” for your piece.

You just need a basic plan, some practice and constructive feedback from an experienced writing coach.

Session format
I’ll help you organize your subject matter, create a compelling introduction (thesis) and outline the structure for your piece.
We’ll work line-by-line to develop good writing methods and style, and then wrap things up with an effective conclusion.   

Let’s talk
Contact me for a no-obligation discussion of your project and writing goals.
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